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This teammate’s life-changing wellness journey began with a challenge

Brittany and Sharon

As a Premier banker, Brittany coaches Truist clients toward greater financial wellness. She knows firsthand that a trusted coach can change lives.

That’s one reason why Brittany has spent more than 10 years working with her health and wellness nurse coach Sharon, whom Brittany sees regularly through Truist’s LifeForce well-being program.

“The LifeForce program has had such an impact on me over the years, and I’m especially thankful to have access to a coach who isn’t afraid to challenge me and push me to be a better version of myself,” Brittany says.

In 2023, Brittany committed to getting in better shape and losing weight. She’d made some progress but wasn’t yet where she wanted to be. She talked about it with Sharon.

“I gave her every excuse I could,” Brittany said. “And Sharon said a few things to me that really sank in. She emphasized that I’m in control of my wellness plan—and that making healthy choices a priority would ultimately make me better for everyone in my life.”

It was exactly what Brittany needed to hear.

Together, Brittany and Sharon developed a personalized nutrition and exercise plan to fit Brittany’s goals and busy schedule. Brittany logged everything she ate and, with Sharon’s help, learned more about how to find and prepare nutritious meals. She worked out regularly, even bringing dumbbells to her office to lift on conference calls.

Brittany wrote “57 pounds” on a piece of paper and taped it to a wall in her closet. She weighed herself every morning and wrote down every time she’d lost a pound. Within eight months, she’d lost 62 pounds.

“I was just so proud of her,” Sharon says, who has been a nurse for 31 years. “I’m not taking any credit for it—it was all Brittany.” But in the LifeForce program, nurse coaches empower participants to pursue greater health and wellness. “We’re in your corner cheering you on.”

‘We want to meet people wherever they are.’

LifeForce is administered by Peak Health, which is part of a Truist subsidiary. The program is available to all teammates enrolled in Truist’s medical benefits.

After signing up, teammates go through an initial health screening and are paired with a Peak Health nurse—and get access to health education resources—who will regularly coach and help you set and progress toward achievable goals. As you meet certain health and fitness criteria in LifeForce, you can earn medical credits to help offset the cost of medical insurance premiums.

LifeForce provides consistent and ongoing support, which allows participants and their coaches to develop strong bonds. As your coach gets to know you and your priorities, they can offer more helpful guidance and better measure your progress between appointments.

“These days, you barely get 30 minutes in an office with your primary care doctor,” Sharon says. “With LifeForce, we can sit down and talk to participants about their concerns and their physical and mental health.”

Since its founding in 1989, LifeForce has helped tens of thousands of teammates pursue their health and fitness goals, says Nirav Desai, managing director of Peak Health. Some have been in the program for 30 years—some just started a month ago.

“We want to meet people wherever they are in their journey and help them along,” Nirav says. “When you see a relationship like Sharon and Brittany’s, you see the long-term benefits of that ongoing support. Our nurses are trained on some of the other benefits Truist has in place, which means they can recommend specific programs for whatever you need, whether it’s a diabetes reversal program or a weight management program.”

‘I feel like I have my life back.’

Along with the support of her coach and the strength she draws from her faith, Brittany found that her daughter helped keep her motivated with words of encouragement and accountability.

“And you have to be ready to commit,” she says. “Peak Health can only go so far. Sharon doesn’t come to my house and prep my meals. They give you the tools and resources, and then you have to take the steps to actually implement them.”

Brittany says she doesn’t just feel healthier.

“I feel like I have my life back. I love that I can show my daughter you can achieve hard things with the right level of commitment.”

Learn more about LifeForce, Truist’s premier well-being program.

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